Stefan Malinowski


I decided I wanted to be a drummer when I was about 5 years old and my dad, a professional bass player, built me a toy kit to play on. Before I started on the real thing, I took piano lessons which is a great foundation for music theory and what I've ended up playing for most of my career.

After university I played drums in house bands for holiday camps, stage shows, and cruise ships in the Mediterranean and Caribbean before returning to my old rock band and switching to playing keyboards.

In 1998 I was with 'Legal Racket' in the UK, playing the clubs and pubs which meant being on the road every weekend in the band van. The clubs pay about enough to survive on as a solo act, so as a five piece band we were making next to nothing and doing terrible day jobs to make ends meet. Of course we wanted to do better so we were sending out as many demo CDs and videos as we could afford to different agents.

I was cold calling for a double glazing company when the guitarist phoned me to say that we'd got a gig in Spain. I put the phone down and walked out of that job on the spot.

Spain didn't happen, but after a couple of desperate weeks we got another call about a two month contract playing in Dubai. Nobody had heard of Dubai at that time so we had no idea what we were signing up for but the agent at this end was very helpful, assuring us that there was stable 220v electricity, air conditioning and even alcohol.

We were spotted at that first gig and booked to play in Bahrain for the first time at The Warbler. After a couple of contracts there, we played at Rock Bottom in Dubai and with some personnel changes, returned to Bahrain as 'The Sonic Avengers'.

After 'Legal Racket' reunited for a stint at Diggers, we formed 'The International Playboys' and opened the new Rock Bottom, Bahrain in 2002. We won the Batte of the Bands two years running and played the bad guys on our third attempt. After that I joined Canadian band 'Grafitti Park' for a contract at the new Club 1.

After spending most of the last ten years working in the UAE and Oman I decided last year to look for gigs in back Bahrain.