Stefan Malinowski



Growing Up

I decided I wanted to be a drummer when I was about 5 years old and my dad, a professional bass player, built me a toy kit to play on. I would sometimes visit theatres where my dad was playing and even watch the show from the orchestra pit. My first on stage experience was as the Morroccan prince's slave boy in the Merchant of Venice at the Royal Opera House in Scarborough. I carried the prince's sword onto stage on a cushion and tried not to flinch as he swung it around. Through school I appeared in various Youth Theatre productions and played with the school and local area youth bands which played and competed all over the country, winning spots at the National Festival of Music for Youth and the School's Prom.

Going Professional

After university I started to make some money playing drums and singing in house bands on holiday camps, in the pit for stage shows, and on cruise ships which took me around the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Rock Bands

Through college and university I played with more rock bands than I can count, switching between playing drums, keyboards and lead vocals. In 1998 I was playing the clubs and pubs which meant being on the road every weekend in the band van. The clubs paid (and still pay) barely enough to survive on as a solo act, so as a five piece band we were making next to nothing, doing terrible day jobs to make ends meet and sending out as many demo CDs and videos as we could afford to different agents.

I was cold calling for a double glazing company when the guitarist phoned me to say that we'd got a gig in Spain. I put the phone down and walked out of that job on the spot. Spain didn't happen, but after a couple of desperate weeks we got another call about a two month contract playing in Dubai. Nobody had heard of Dubai at that time so we had no idea what we were signing up for but the agent was very helpful, assuring us that there was stable 220v electricity, air conditioning and even alcohol. From that point I just kept going and evolving with the music scene in the Middle East.

Day Job

I was head of IT for a company in Dubai for about nine months. It was horrible but allowed me to do a bit of acting in the evenings.

The Middle East

Apart from a couple of stints playing back in Europe and on ships, I've gone from band to band in the Middle East for most of the last twenty years, sometimes I worked solo playing guitar or piano, sometimes flying to another country for one gig and back again. I did a couple of contracts for the US military and got to fly out to play on the deck of an aircraft carrier. I've also done a bit of stage and film acting both professionally and in amateur productions and I did voice overs for corporate promos and announcements.

Right now

Lately I have set up camp in Bahrain and things were going okay until Covid 19 shut down the whole industry. In the down time I've been recording videos every week, playing live-stream sessions and learning to compose music for film and TV.